Don’t Turn Away

My life is not what it ought to be
For a captive who has been set free
There are times I allow to please the flesh
And forget that I’ve been purged from all my sin

Don’t turn away Your love from me
I know I don’t deserve Your company
I am so bad, disobeyed Your commands
Time and time over, let go of Your hand

But remember Your loving kindness to me
See me in Christ as my status before Thee
Do not remember my foolish sins
But wash me and lead me on

Sometimes I lose sight of where I’ve come from
And forget my old self did die with Christ
I become short-sighted and blind as the lost ones
But it shouldn’t be I am a child of God

But I know You have promised and You will do it
For You have began a good work in me
And I pray you would come and clean me inside
Until nothing remains that’s not of You