Glad Surrender

This is a good commandment and it’s in my best interest to observe it
You Lord are my maker and you know what is best for your people
Cos You are not some cruel and tyrant God, You are my loving Father
For You know what is best for Me, and I will trust in You always
And the blessings of giving it all, far outweigh the cost

This is the glad surrender, the joy of giving it all to You my King
This is the glad surrender, I’m not losing at all – I’m gaining Him,
I’m gaining Him.

There was once a man digging in a field and he stumbled across treasure
And in his joy he went and sold all he had that he might buy that field.
And Jesus you’re the treasure that I’ve found, and You’re worth more than the world.
For You have won my heart and filled my soul, and I want none beside You
And the joy that comes from You is more than the world could know

Compared to knowing Christ I count all else as dung and nothing better
For I have found a treasure so satisfying that I have all that I want now
This is self-denial but it doesn’t seem it- shouldn’t that be painful?
The cross that I am bearing appears to me as if it were a feather
And no one can ever say he made a sacrifice