Though Times are Hard

Though times are hard, and you seem so far away
When darkness rolls in, may the night be turned to day
And even in pain, in me Lord have your way
But teach me you’re near, when you feel so far away

When all I’ve to bear seems to much for me
And sadness rolls in like the waves across the sea
And even though you lead me down the darkest of paths
Be thou still Lord my strength, my rod and staff

All things and sufferings
You send them for our good
Through trial and fear though death draw near
Your aim is to create dependency on you

Teach me O Lord that all things happen for good
To those who love you, that we may trust you as we should
I asked I might grow, and you pruned me and it hurt
Grant me your strength Lord, remember I am dirt

Thank you O Lord that this suffering is short
It’s temporary till you make the earth as nought
A new heaven, and the earth shall flee away
No pain, no night there, for God shall light the day

So what shall I pray for, that you take this trial from me?
If it’s your will Lord, then that is my heartfelt plea
But if it’s your purpose to show Jesus Christ in me
Then I surrender, to Jesus blessing be